Why this blog exists and why you should read it

ale for blog

Every time I leave the country I write “this is what it’s like” emails to friends and family. Whenever I get back home complete strangers come up to me and say: “so and so is friends with so and so and they forwarded me your email and it is hilarious and I can’t believe…” Through recent idle-time Google searches I found that friends who blog have quoted my emails in their entries. (Two examples: Andres Omar and Carolyn Castiglia)

People like to read my entries because I went to Catholic school and am very impressionable. I took the honesty commandment very seriously and have not been able to shake it. I can not help but tell the truth – about people, life, experience…When a sample of my email commentary was published in the Indian Express, after a term in India, they told me that they selected my submission because the descriptions I gave were burning with an honesty which is sad but true.

All of these people were using and reading my work, so why the hell was I not writing more consistently? Exactly. The public called, I answered. A blog was born.

This blog is about what amuses (and annoys) me, how I keep myself motivated and random things I learn from amazing people.  My philosophy is captured in a quote from Daniel Day-Lewis in  The Ballad of Jack and Rose : “If you don’t like your fucking situation, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it.” When living with that intention amazing things happen – and you will learn about some of them. To keep it interesting weekly entries will vary from text, video and photo streams. Think snappy, short and to the point, because it’s all we have time for anyway.

About me: Actor, model, performance artist, writer, host, producer, improv comedian and amateur chef. A NYer – born in Queens, now living out in Brooklyn – who likes to shake the dust of the outer boroughs off to travel the world, living and working in places that range from India to Mexico to Italy. Part of the slim minority who does not like bacon, potato chips or milk chocolate. Often seen in farmer’s markets trolling for and the latest weird vegetable. Eats her greens. You can always catch up with me at www.laurenlogiudice.com too.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tony Mirrcandani on September 29, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    A great beginning. Sharp, terse … and honest! I look forward to more. And wish you well.



  2. rockstar material, Lauren. I like it. I can’t wait to see vids up. Will this integrate with your ll.com site as well or be separate? Way to be GREAT!


  3. I like your new categories! you’re a very talented writer, Miss LoGiudice!


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